211info Database Updates

A new service? Corrections? Tell us about it. At 211info, they do their very best to keep information up-to-date in the resource database. Everyone who dials 2-1-1 or searches through the online listings is counting on us to have current and accurate information for locating these critical services. But program details sometimes change very quickly. That's why they are asking for your help in ensuring that all information is current. If you ever notice any errors or omissions, they would love to hear about it.

Would you like to apply for inclusion in the 211info database? If you want to add your agency or program to the database directory, just go to the Service Provider Tools web page to get started. Please note: Providers are encouraged to read the 211info database Inclusion/Exclusion Guidelines before applying for directory listing. 

A recent change to your program or agency? As a registered user, it's simple to update database details like phone numbers or service-hour changes. Just go to the Service Provider Tools page and fill out the electronic form. Any updates or corrections you submit should appear in the online database within two to five days. If you need assistance, please email support@211info.org

Have you heard about a new program at another agency?
Or discovered a service that is not in the database? Please let us know by sending an email with the name of the program and any contact information you may have (email address, phone number, physical address) to findcontact@caowash.org.

Thank you for helping make the 211info system such a useful and accurate resource for connecting people to services throughout Oregon and SW Washington.