School Readiness Goals

Head Start – Ages 3-5

Social and Emotional Development

    • Children will recognize and regulate their own emotions and actions.
    • Children will develop secure relationships with familiar adults and children.

Approaches to Learning

    • Children will exhibit independence, creativity and a desire to learn.
    • Children will engage in activities with persistence and attention.
    • Children will develop interest and engagement in group activities.

Creative Arts Expression

    • Children will explore visual arts media and creative expression.
    • Children will demonstrate awareness of creative dance, music, movement and drama.

Language and Literacy

  • Language Development

    • Children will develop receptive and expressive language.
    • Children will use language to communicate needs and express ideas with adults and peers.
    • Children who are dual language learners will demonstrate competency in their home language while acquiring proficiency in English.
  • Literacy Knowledge and Skills

    • Children will develop an interest in books and storytime activities.
    • Children will develop phonological awareness.
    • Children will understand that the letters of the alphabet have names and are associated with sounds.
    • Children will recognize the letters in their names.
    • Children will develop emergent writing skills.
  • English Language Development

    • Children who are learning English will gain receptive understanding of the language.
    • Children who are learning English will begin the process of learning their new language.

Cognition and General Knowledge

  • Logic and Reasoning

    • Children will use a variety of inquiry skills to recognize, analyze and solve problems.
    • Children will use symbolic representation in sociodramatic play.

Mathematics Knowledge and Skill

    • Children will explore and describe spatial relationships and shapes.
    • Children will use math to count, compare, relate, pattern and problem solve.

Science Knowledge and Skills

    • Children will investigate, predict and draw conclusions.
    • Children will explore the outdoor environment and naturally occurring seasonal events.

Social Studies Knowledge and Skills

    • Children will learn how to be researchers, critical thinkers and active members of a classroom community.
    • Children will become aware that there are similarities and differences among people and families.
    • Children will understand the relationship between people and the environment in which they live.

Physical Development and Health

    • Children will maintain good overall health and age-appropriate physical well-being.
    • Children will practice healthy and safe routines.
    • Children will develop and enhance their fine and gross motor skills.

Early Head Start – Ages 0-3

Social and Emotional Development

    • Children will develop secure, trusting relationships.
    • Children will develop self-regulatory skills by following simple routines.

Approaches to Learning

    • Children will explore their environment with curiosity, intentionality and confidence.
    • Children will investigate solutions to predicaments.

Language and Literacy

    • Children will understand the actions and events in simple stories.
    • Children will carry on short conversations by asking and answering what, where and when questions.

Cognition and General Knowledge

    • Children will recognize, recall and build on experiences.
    • Children will display increasing knowledge of classification skills.
    • Children will construct their own understanding about people and objects while engaged in sociodramatic play.

Physical Development and Health

    • Children will master body movement through increased motor control.
    • Children will exhibit fine motor control by manipulating materials to create desired works or effects.
    • Children will express self care needs and progress towards independence in meeting those needs.