Classroom Staff Please Read

Use this form if you need to miss work due to an unplanned absence.

  • If you need to miss work TOMORROW, please submit this form by 7:30pm.
  • If you need to miss work TODAY, please submit this form by 6:00am.

If it's after 6:00am the morning of, please submit this form AND notify your PAS directly.

If you have an upcoming absence that has already been approved, you do NOT need to fill this out.      

If you have any questions, please contact HR, your PAS, or the Substitute Scheduler (Emily) at 971-563-1051

CLICK HERE to watch a short video tutorial. Enter the password: classroom 

Absence Notification and Substitute Request Form

If you need to request time off, do not fill out this form. Please contact your PAS.

Select the option that best matches your reason. You can refer to the below link, or to your employee handbook, for all allowable uses of sick time and to see which family members are covered. If you have any questions or feel you may need to initiate a formal FMLA or OFLA leave, please contact HR.

CLICK HERE to view allowable uses of sick time and bereavement leave