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  • Your support has been a lifeline to so many families. To learn more about how your support has helped, please read the stories in this year’s report.

  • Fulfilling our mission starts with a plan. Learn how we address the impact poverty has across Washington County.

  • Washington County continues to be a relatively prosperous community, yet a significant and growing number of our families are being left behind economically. Our Issues of Poverty report offers an in-depth look at the challenges our community faces, and the experiences and priorities of people struggling to make ends meet.

  • Read how this influential program helps break the cycle of poverty, and prepares children for long-term success both in and out of the classroom.

Financial Accountability

Community Action is committed to the highest standards of financial stewardship of our funds. We receive funds from a variety of sources, including individuals, businesses, corporations, foundations, faith-based organizations, civic groups, community organizations, United Way, local government, and state and federal grants. Revenue is also generated through fees and rebates. For every dollar that is received by Community Action, approximately 90 cents goes directly to the delivery of programs and services to achieve our mission.