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Utility Assistance

Welcome to Community Action utility assistance program for Washington County OR

Community Action’s Utility Assistance Team has spent out all covid related funding. At this time, we have also spent out of all our regular funding sources. Effective 8/22/22, our Utility Assistance Team will only be able to assist households who meet the following criteria, in addition to being an income qualified household in Washington County Oregon:

Under 30% OMI, member of the household is 60+

Under 30% OMI, member of the household has a disability with proof

Under 30% OMI, member of the household is a child 5 and younger

or everyone that has NWN gas that does not have a credit.

To be screened for eligibility you must call 503-615-0771 and speak with a utility assistance representative. Please note that not all households will be eligible for assistance at this time. We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause. Please check back after October 1, 2022 for updates regarding the new program year.

Program year 2022-2023 will return our funding to pre-covid levels. Assistance payments moving forward will not be as large as they have been in the last couple of years. We encourage you to communicate with your utility company(ies) to discuss payment options for past due accounts.

Our team has worked diligently over the last several years to serve as many households as possible. We appreciate your understanding as everyone transitions to “pre-covid” times. Be kind to your utility assistance team as funding is never our decision.


If you don't meet the exceptions and you still need help click here for some ideas! 


To qualify for assistance

  • To receive utility help you must live in Washington County Oregon and meet the following income guidelines.
  • Social security numbers are not required but may limit assistance if not provided.

Heating or Cooling System Does Not Work

For households with non-functioning heating or cooling equipment, with no other viable heating or cooling alternative in the home, please contact our Energy Conservation department.