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What do I need to send with my application?

Bring all the following:

  • Names, birth dates, and social security numbers for everyone in the household.
  • A form of identification for all adults age 18 and over in the household. If you are unable to obtain a picture ID, a social security card or other official document proving their identity will suffice.
  • Proof of ALL income, showing income before taxes or any deductions that the household has received in the 30 days previous to the signature date on the application.  This means  pay stubs or verification for any wages earned, the current year’s Social Security benefit verification letter, Unemployment document "where is my check", verification of child support payments, and proof of cash assistance or any other income. (note: documents must contain name and dates)
  • A paper copy of BOTH your electric and gas bills. Both are needed only if your residence has a second source of heat other than electric.  If you have already purchased oil, propane, or any other heating fuel, please bring receipts or invoices with account number, if applicable. For wood assistance, please bring the name and phone number of your preferred wood vendor or receipts for wood already purchased.