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Financial Services

Saving money for future needs is extremely hard when most or all of your income goes to rent, childcare, and food. Nearly 70% of Americans have less than $1,000 of saving. That situation makes it challenging to handle large expenses like a car repair or tuition payment, and forces people to make impossible choices between basic needs. Our financial services help people learn how to build wealth and reach their financial goals

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Financial Education

Community Action provides monthly free financial education classes that are open to all residents of Washington County.  The specially trained instructor offers information about banking and financial tools and helps families build skills to reduce financial stress, create a manageable budget, increase savings, and reduce debt.  Also, participants have the opportunity to meet with others experiencing similar economic challenges.  Participants work collaboratively to help each other find solutions to everyday financial struggles.

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IDA Matched Savings

Community Action’s Individual Development Account (IDA) program provides families and individuals the opportunity to save money towards a valuable financial asset. Financial assets currently supported by Community Action’s IDA program include higher education, childcare business expenses, and apartment move-in costs.

IDA participants save money each month towards their goal, and Community Action “matches” what the IDA participants save at a ratio of 3:1.  In addition to receiving “match” towards their savings goal, IDA participants also have the opportunity to receive individualized financial coaching and education. The IDA program allows individuals to reach their financial goals faster and encourages them to incorporate savings into their monthly budget. 

*The IDA program is currently only available for current Community Action clients.