Landlord Incentive Fund

What is it?

Oregon Housing and Community Services provides a fund that is meant to incentivize landlords to rent or lease to low-income households by guaranteeing payments to landlords for unpaid rent, eviction, and property damage costs. Community Action is the program provider for Washington County. Guarantee is subject to available funding at the time of claim and covers up to $2,000 in unpaid rent and up to $5,000 in property damages that exceed security deposit amount within 12 months of tenancy. Costs allowable under the program include: unpaid rent, damages caused by tenants, costs to remove and dispose of tenant debris, costs related to eviction process, damages caused by pets or service animals included on tenant rental agreement. 

Who is eligible?

Tenants qualify if...

  • their household income is at or below 60% of area median income;
  • who may be homeless or unstably housed;
  • who have a barrier to housing stability (e.g; poor credit history/rating, criminal background history, eviction(s));
  • they complete the Rent Well course; and
  • have no previous program claim.

Information for Landlords

Program Requirements

  • Lease agreement must be for at least 12 months
  • Landlord must sign Community Action's 'Rent Guarantee Program - Landlord Agreement'
  • Landlord and tenant must complete a move-in and move-out checklist to document condition of unit at entry/exit
  • Landlord must file claim within 30 days of tenant vacating unit

Filing a claim

  • You may file a claim with Community Action once the tenant has vacated the unit.
  • Fill out a claim form with documentation supporting the claim (final security deposit accounting, move-in and move-out inspection/checklists, applicable receipt or proof of damages, documentation of non-payment of rent).
  • Community Action may require access to the unit to document damages.
  • Community Action will need to determine if the submitted repair costs are reasonable (e.g.; damaged vinyl counter tops are not being replaced with marble counter tops)
  • Community Action will submit a claim for and documentation to Oregon Housing and Community Services and remit funds to the landlord upon approval.