• Dixie

  • Energy Client Kellie

    Energy Client Kellie
  • Head Start Friends

    Head Start Friends
  • Child Leticia

    Child Leticia
  • Learning to Spin

    Learning to Spin
  • Energy Client Tina

    Energy Client Tina
  • Head Start Painting

    Head Start Painting
  • Shelter Kids

    Shelter Kids
  • Energy Assistance TY Board

    Energy Assistance TY Board
  • Energy Client Jessica

    Energy Client Jessica
  • Head Start Sign

    Head Start Sign
  • Shelter Girl with Clown Hair

    Shelter Girl with Clown Hair
  • Head Start Singing Ducks

    Head Start Singing Ducks
  • Clild - Serena

    Clild - Serena
  • Head Start Singing Ducks

    Head Start Singing Ducks
  • Family

  • Head Start Yellow Ribbons

    Head Start Yellow Ribbons
  • Kids Playing

    Kids Playing

Hope, Help & Change

The cost of living in our communities exceeds what many working families can comfortably afford. Paychecks don't always stretch to cover basic needs, so many families are struggling to make ends meet. Even though more people are working and Oregon's minimum wage is among the nation's highest, lower wages are not covering the basic costs of living.

For over 47 years, Community Action has been offering hope, help and change for families in transition. Community Action programs promote the birth of healthy babies, reduce the potential for child abuse and neglect, increase children's chances for success in school, and improve the quality and accessibility of child care. We also offer energy assistance and help to prevent homelessness.

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