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Energy Assistance Funds Are Still Available

Funds are still available for low income Washington County residents who could use help with their electricity, natural gas, wood, propane or oil costs.

Community Action’s Energy Assistance Program operates year round, from October 1 through September 30, not just in the winter months.

People qualify by meeting income guidelines and do not have to have a disconnection notice or be out of fuel in order to get help. Households might be able to receive additional help even if they have already received some type of assistance this program year.

Appointments are available first come, first served at both of our Beaverton and Hillsboro offices.

To be screened for eligibility, people should call 503-615-0771 between 9 and noon, Monday through Friday. They can also send a request for an appointment online by clicking on this link: http://caowash.org/what_we_do/energy-rent-assistance/energy_request.html

ATTENTION Portland General Electric (PGE) Customers

Community Action’s Energy Conservation program is currently seeking applicants who use electricity as their primary heat source and are Portland General Electric (PGE) customers.

If you, your family or friends heat your home with PGE, would like your home to be more energy efficient, safe and comfortable, please contact us:

Call 503-906-6550
Email weatherization@caowash.org
Click here for more information and income elegibility http://caowash.org/what_we_do/energy_conservation/.


Robert Foley, a Navy veteran, was once lost and homeless.

A humble man of 56, he talked recently of how — after a painful divorce, unemployment and the emergence of a bipolar disorder — he became homeless in 2011. One night he found himself sleeping fitfully, wrapped in two thin blankets on the cold, hard concrete floor of a friend’s garage. 

“I lived on streets, on peoples’ porches, in their garages, in barns or wherever I could get shelter,” he said. “When you’re homeless, accessing even your basic necessities, such as a shower, a restroom, a place to eat, somewhere to stay dry and clean, is difficult and stressful. Even more so if you have medical or mental health issues. It was basically about survival. You think each day will get better, but it doesn’t.” 

He finally reached the end of his rope, called the Veterans Administration to the Salvation Army’s Veterans & Family Center in Beaverton. 

Community Action of Washington County partnered with the center, assigning a capable, caring caseworker to work closely with Foley and help him get back on track. She got him enrolled in a free “Rent Well” education class that helps train prospective renters who are having difficulty being accepted for rental units. 
Community Action also gave Foley invaluable free bus passes, so he could make appointments and get around, and helped him find an apartment. 

After living at the Veterans Center for almost a year, Foley moved into his own apartment in Tigard, with his rent paid by HUD through the VA and his food covered by the federal Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program. He has no extra spending money, but somehow he’s adjusted. 

Foley continues to meet regularly with his Community Action caseworker to help deal with issues as they arise. “Having somebody to talk to that doesn’t look down on you, that helps a lot,” he said. “You feel comfortable." Foley is full of gratitude for all the people who’ve stood by him, and is optimistic about his future. “I’m ecstatic about life,” he said.  

Hope, Help & Change

The cost of living in our communities exceeds what many working families can comfortably afford. Paychecks don't always stretch to cover basic needs, so many families are struggling to make ends meet. Even though more people are working and Oregon's minimum wage is among the nation's highest, lower wages are not covering the basic costs of living.

For over 49 years, Community Action has been offering hope, help and change for families in transition. Community Action programs promote the birth of healthy babies, reduce the potential for child abuse and neglect, increase children's chances for success in school, and improve the quality and accessibility of child care. We also offer energy assistance and help to prevent homelessness.

Thanks to our Key Community Supporters

Hours of Operation

Community Action is open Monday - Friday, 8:30am - 5:00pm and closed on the following days:

New Years Day
Columbus Day
Martin Luther King Jr. Day
Veteran's Day
President's Day
Memorial Day
Day after Thanksgiving
Independence Day
Christmas Eve
Labor Day
Christmas Day

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