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The housing crisis is especially difficult for vulnerable seniors. See how your support makes a life-changing difference.

Rising housing costs are pushing many vulnerable seniors to the brink of homelessness. Living on fixed incomes, they are having trouble affording necessities – including rent.

When a senior faces eviction, the stakes are high as they often have age-related limitations and health issues. But thanks to your support, we are helping vulnerable seniors who are facing homelessness through our eviction prevention programs.

Margaret was 90 years old when she came to a frightening realization - she could no longer afford the rent on her apartment. Her pension had run out, and her social security wasn’t enough to keep her afloat.

When she got behind on rent, she was served with an eviction notice. As she headed to her court hearing, she was scared, “I didn’t know what would happen. I assumed that if things did not go well, I’d be on the street living in my car… And I am old. I’m 90 years old.”

But thanks to donors like you, Margaret found help through our innovative eviction prevention program at the courthouse. Our housing specialist met Margaret at eviction court and helped her apply for emergency rent assistance right there on the spot.

Because of your support, we were able to pay the back rent she owed and provide her with long-term rent assistance to keep her secure in her apartment for years to come.


Margaret is grateful as she reflects on this help that came at such a critical time, “I’m sure it’s extended my life by months if not years.”




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