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Connect with Community Partners through the 'Caofind' Listserv

What is a listserv?
A listserv is an email group used by a collection of people who share common interests and goals.

For the "caofind" listserv, our collective purpose is to help our fellow social service providers in Washington County so that we may better help our clients.

Moderated by Community Action's Information & Referral program, it has served as a valuable communication and collaboration forum since 1999.

Today, the group is more than 500 members strong and includes representatives of government programs, faith-based organizations, non-profit agencies, coalitions, and volunteer-based service providers.

Caofind listserv helps members to:

  • share information about upcoming events and trainings, service/program changes, job openings at your agency, and more
  • request assistance in locating hard-to-find client needs
  • network and collaborate with colleagues

Subscribing, unsubscribing and sending messages

  • To subscribe, simply visit the caofind Yahoo! group page and click on the email link next to "Subscribe" at the bottom of the page. You must have a Yahoo profile to join the group but may link your work email address to receive notifications. If you have trouble in the process, please let us know via email at
  • To be permanently removed from the list, use the "Unsubscribe" link at the bottom right-hand corner of any message received from the group.
  • Once subscribed, you may send messages to the entire group just like you would for any email using the specified yahoogroups address - simply address your email to
  • Every message should have a subject line that reflects the content, and makes it easy for busy recipients to sort and prioritize crowded inboxes.
  • Always include a signature and contact information.
  • Can't find an attachment referred to in the message? Yahoo! includes a link near the bottom of the message that will open the attachment in a new browser window.
  • When attaching an event/promotional flyer, include basic information (date, time, place, cost and a brief description) in the body of the email as well.
  • Remember that when you send a direct reply to a message, it goes to all caofind members. Please use this cautiously as replies are often unnecessary for the larger group.
  • To respond to the sender only, use the "Reply to Sender” link located way down at the bottom of each message.

Caofind guidelines
We encourage messages about free or low-cost events; trainings that are helpful for clients, agencies or staff; and questions about locating resources for clients in need.

We discourage any for-profit sales pitches and direct requests for monetary assistance for individuals.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the caofind listserv email group, please contact us at 503.693.3280 or