Tom Hughes, former Mayor of Hillsboro and former Metro Council President, has been appointed to Community Action's Emeritus Board following 17 years of service on the Board of Directors. He will be recognized at the organization's annual fundraiser, Kaleidoscope, on Friday, April 12.

As the state legislature considers funding universal voluntary home visiting new parents, our Early Connections Program Manager – Beth Dasher – weighs in on the benefits of this potential program for Oregon families.

A complete kitchen remodel and the expansion of the food pantry are among the highlights taking place at the Hillsboro Family Shelter in the coming months.

Community Action hosted a symposium targeting the surprising intersection between small business and early childhood education.

Community Action pilots a new approach to serving families with holistic, wrap-around support.

An innovative approach to delivering services, the Community Action Resource Eligibility assessment tool – or CARE – streamlines the process for identifying program eligibility, removing the need for multiple applications, and ensuring our clients can gain quick access to the resources they need.

The Congresswoman met with local leaders in early childhood education on Friday to talk about the need for affordable child care in Oregon.

Community Action and Vision Action Network are joining forces to address social issues. They're considering going out for a countywide bond to help pay for programs to help the less fortunate.